June 25 – July 20th

We’re excited to announce the opening of the 2022 Solidarity Network Y?! participatory fund. Entering its second cycle, the solidarity network seeks to strengthen transformative initiatives in the Baltics region through financial support and knowledge exchange.

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What is a participatory fund?

The participatory funding model was developed by leftist initiatives to counter the competitive and hierarchical structures found in foundations and public funding institutions. 


To understand how it works in practice, you can take into account how we did it last year: Solidarity Network Y?! released the call for applications, following which groups sent us their ideas for protests, workshops and other cool initiatives. Then we gathered everyone who applied on a non-intimidating group Zoom call. Everyone presented their ideas and indicated how much funding they need. In the end, we all collectively decided how much money everybody gets in order to make those ideas reality. While this year the fund is bigger, the process will be largely the same. While offering some organizational support, we strive to make the decision making around who gets resources as horizontal as possible, putting control in the hands of network members. This basically means that after applying to the fund you will be invited to a call with other groups which applied to present your project and discuss how the funding should be distributed between different groups.  

Who can apply for this funding?

The fund prioritizes autonomous initiatives and actors in the Baltics. By autonomous initiative we refer to transformative leftist formations that have chosen to neither fully rely on the private market nor the state for their reproduction. While formal organizations and progressive enterprises such as NGOs, Nonprofits, and cooperatives are friends, our solidarity network strongly prioritizes the needs of precarious, marginal, and newly emerging grass-roots  initiatives.

How do I apply?

Applications are open till July 20th. Money will be distributed through a participatory funding process on July 25th. The total budget for this round is 4,500 eur. This year we have 2 separate grant call categories: 

  • Organizational support fund for longer term and larger scale initiatives (up to 1500eu).
  • Young initiatives grant for one-off events, smaller scales, and recently formed initiatives (up to 300eu) 


To apply you will need to become a member of the network. You can fill out the membership form below. Say a little about your organization and collective: what are key issues you are addressing or hope to address and how do they align with Solidarity Network Y?!’s values. If you broadly fit with what we are doing we will welcome you into the network and provide login-details for our community page. After applying for the funding we will arrange a call with all network member organizations and begin the “participatory fund” process (see section below), guided by our facilitation team.  


contact: festivaly.baltics[at]


At the moment, only members of the network are able to apply for funding.